About Me

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I moved to Sparks, Nevada from Southern California in July 2015 to join my family.


Throughout my personal life and various careers, I’ve always been neat, organized and excellent with time management.  As a litigation secretary for 20 years, time management and organization was a must!  (Being organized is a time management skill.  Once learned, you will add more time to your daily life.)  I was meant to be a professional home organizer!   I completed the required courses to receive my professional certificate through the National Association of Professional Organizers.


I opened Clutter Cutter Reno for many reasons.  To mention a few: 1) to help people suffocating from the mounds of stuff ruining their true happiness, 2) to help people simply organize there homes for better function, 3) to feel a joint sense of personal satisfaction, and 4) the exercise.  


Living in an organized and Decluttered Home feels amazing!  It brings calm to the soul.  It is my passion to bring that amazing transformation to all that want it.