About Me


I moved to Sparks, Nevada in July 2015 to join my family and to become a Realtor.  In October 2015, I became a licensed Realtor in Washoe County, Nevada. 


Throughout my life, I’ve always been neat and Organized in my home and at work.  It’s simply my nature and it’s fun.  When things are messy, I can’t concentrate on anything else until the mess is gone.  It’s a distraction. There have been many homes that I’ve previewed with clients where I wanted to go back to a house, straightened it up and stage it.  Some were so bad that my clients could not see how great the house really was because they couldn’t see through the mess.


I opened Clutter Cutter Reno to help those out there that are Unorganized.  Those who are constantly scrambling for time, run late for appointments, can’t find things they know they have, can’t remember where they left their wallet or keys, the laundry is a never-ending battle, they can’t get a car in their garage, and would like to use their dining table for dining rather than a catch-all. 


Living in an organized and Decluttered Home feels amazing!  It is my passion to bring that amazing transformation to all that want it.  

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