Our Team.

We're not a franchise or corporation.  Just local ladies doing what we love, and we're darn good at it.

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Vicki Vail

Hi! I'm Vicki, Owner of Clutter Cutter Reno!

I moved to Reno in 2015 from Southern California.  I had a great life in California but needed to say goodbye.  Now, the only thing I miss in Southern California are the palm trees.  

Organizing has always been second nature to me, and I love it.  I did attend the National Association of Professional Organizers classes to become a certified professional organizer.  I aced the classes.  Whew.

My favorite things in life:  My granddaughters, family, friends, and my country.  In my free time, I study politics, veg on my couch watching TV and do jigsaw puzzles on my phone, visit with family and friends, and shop for client supplies. 




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