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Meet The Team


Vicki Vail - Principal

Hi! I'm Vicki, Owner of Clutter Cutter Reno! 

I moved to Reno in 2015 from Southern California to be closer to my sons and granddaughters. If there was one thing about California that I could bring with me.... It would be the beautiful palm trees!

Throughout my life and various careers, I’ve always been neat, organized and excellent with time management. As a litigation secretary for 20 years, time management and organization was a must! Organizing has always been second nature to me, and I LOVE IT! I attended the National Association of Professional Organizers classes to become a certified professional organizer.

In my free time I study politics, relax on the couch, and play jigsaw puzzles.

Professional Organizers

Headshot - Suzi.jpg


I started organizing clients’ things about 15 years ago while I was doing their housekeeping.  At that time, professional organizing wasn’t in demand like it is today.  I continued housekeeping and some organizing for several more years until I met Vicki Vail, owner of Clutter Cutter Reno.


I really enjoy organizing and helping people.  I can honestly say I love my job!

During my free time, I enjoy acrylic painting and refurbishing wood furniture.  I also like binge-watching a great series on Netflix with my teacup Chihuahua and ragdoll cat. 

Headshot - Shannon.jpg


After college, I taught middle school and traveled overseas for a few years!  After this adventure, we decided to move back to Reno in 2007 to be near my family!  We have 3 boys and by default, I became quite proficient at organizing!  I absolutely love helping people realize with a little bit of help, skill and determination, all things are possible!  

In my spare time, I am a Realtor, personal trainer, and work for Vicki at Clutter Cutter! Jack of all trades?  Possibly??  Most importantly, I am mom and wife to my amazing family!  We love to travel and spend time together camping! 



Organizing and cleaning has been, and will always be, very fulfilling for me. I love creating comfortable and functional spaces that flow and make sense. I love the challenge of finding a proper place for everything! Meeting and helping people are at the heart of what I do.  I see how the need for sensitivity and grace are important in this line of work. Clients invite us into their homes, their things, and their lives. The work can be overwhelming but I always see that once we're done, our clients are beyond appreciative and feel accomplished. It's very rewarding!

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Hello, I'm Lauren! I service Minden, Gardnerville, South Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas. My family and I settled in Minden after living in South Lake Tahoe. The big picturesque mountains, wild horses, kind community, and way of living here has captured our hearts.

I first started organizing after reading Marie Kondo's method in 2017. I went through my whole closet and donated everything that didn't "spark joy" for me anymore. I also felt good knowing that my clothes that no longer sparked joy would be going to someone that will appreciate them. Ever since then I was hooked! I love to create esthetically pleasing spaces and know where everything is at.

Little Red Riding Hood


Hello, I'm Gen! I moved from the Philippines with my husband in 2004 and have 3 children.


Organizing comes naturally to me with my background in accounting and growing up in a home with 6 siblings. That's right, there are 6! I recently retired as an accountant and in my spare time I enjoy working for Cutter Clutter as an organizer. Loving every minute of it! 


I'm a pretty handy person and like to dabble in all sorts of home improvement projects like roofing, painting, woodworking, and tiling. I recently just did a project reupholstering an automobile.  

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