What To Expect

Why hire Clutter Cutter?!  

When you’ve finally had enough, the clutter is driving you nuts, ask for help.  Call a professional. Common fears and hesitations to delay the call: 

I’ll be judged.  My mounds of stuff is embarrassing. 

Why should I spend money on a professional when I can do this myself? 

A professional is going to cost too much. 

I’ll probably keep most of this.  I don’t want this, but how do I decide what to keep? How do I let some of this go? 

It’s just too emotional. 

Most of this I inherited.  I just have to keep it. 

This is overwhelming. 

Don’t panic, move ahead, Clutter Cutter is here to help!


Obviously, too much stuff and clutter weighs on our minds.  It affects our daily moods and our sense of pride.  Most people do not realize the mental stimulation all that stuff is doing to them, and it isn’t good!   It’s an unhealthy burden.


Here’s what to expect from hiring Clutter Cutter... It’s our first visit.  We will discuss what space is most disturbing to you, then we will go to the next space and the next.  We will then set a plan to bring you the space and relief you want and need.  We will also  discuss what your needs are to move forward and not repeat whatever behaviors and however it happened that you’ve met with us.


Day 2.  Get started.  This is the day we bring out the big black trash bags.  During this time, you will need to be present on and off to decide what is to go or not.  We will gently help you through this process.  We will then transform the room with furniture placement, décor and storage solutions.  By the end of the day, you will be amazed how great you feel!  Common question after day 1 of decluttering … when can you come back?  Followed with, “I wish I would have done this sooner.” 

Day 3.  Next room.  Excitement!  Continue on room by room. 

Set aside those fears and give us a call!  We can’t wait!