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Grey Bed with Quilt


Master Suite

Bedroom, closet, & bathroom

Our professional organizers will organize and fold clothes in all closets and dressers. (We ask permission before organizing nightstands.) All drawers and cabinets are wiped down. Our organizers organize all clothes, shoes, and other things in the bedroom, closet and bathroom. If necessary, rearrange furniture for proper flow.  Price includes hanging pictures, artwork, small mirrors, bed making. Also included are containers, trays, drawer dividers, baskets, decorative containers, matching felt hangers and wood hangers for heavy coats. Clear containers are used in drawers and under sinks.  (Please note: Many containers are used in master bathrooms! A master suite is luxury. Luxury is our end goal.


Products available at additional cost:  Free standing shoe racks, all wood hangers, multi-use hangers, and metal under sink 2 drawer cabinets.

Messy; simply unorganized; stuff everywhere without a home.  (Typical, 4 hours, 2 organizers)  Package Price: $520.00

Very messy; lots of stuff, clothes, makeup, beauty products, etc.  Hidden counter tops.  (Typical, 8 hrs, 2 organizers) Package Price: $960.

Near hoard; overwhelming amount of clothes, shoes, purses, bath products, etc.  (Typical, 8-10 hrs, 3 organizers)  Package Price: $1,650.00


Kids, Teens, Guest rooms

Organize and fold all clothes in dressers and closets. Organize all in the closet, dresser, bookcase, desk, etc. Furniture rearranging for proper flow. Bed making. Hang pictures, small mirrors and art. Price includes all containers, drawer dividers, baskets or decorative containers, bags, labeling, picture hanging hardware and matching felt hangers. Small donation run if needed.


Products available at additional cost:  Free standing shoe rack, wood hangers or multi-use hangers.

A bit messy.  Simply needs some organizing.  (Typical, 1 organizer, 3 hrs)  Package Price: $180.00

Very messy; fair amount of toys and clothes, partially hidden floor, stuffed closet.  (Typical, 5 hrs, 2 organizers.  Package Price: $550.00

Serious amount of stuff; overflowing closet and dressers. A lot of clothes, toys and/or shoes!  (Typical, 6-8 hrs, 2 organizers.  Package Price: $880.00

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