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Projects By The Hour

Projects By The Hour

The projects below vary greatly and therefore are charged at our hourly rate. The hourly rate is based on the need of one, two or three organizers in a day. Any supplies used, such as containers, bins, packing tape, boxes and bubble wrap will be billed at actual cost at the end of the project.

Staging, Packing, Unpacking

We understand moving can be stressful. With Clutter Cutter, if you are selling your home, we offer home staging to sell your home quicker.  During the staging process, we will pack unneeded things.  If you are simply moving, we'll pack you up. We can also unpack you for moving in. 

Utility Closets

We offer organizing services for linen closets, hall closets, under stair closet, and small storage closets. 

Common Rooms

Common Rooms or areas including entry way, laundry room, exercise room, guest bathroom(s), living and dining areas.

Hourly Rates

*Starting rates are subject to change 

1 Organizer: $60.00*

3 Organizers: $150.00*

2 Organizers: $110.00*

4 Organizers: $190.00*

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