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Kitchen with Marble Island

Kitchen & Pantry


We remove everything from all cabinets, cupboards and drawers. Wash down the shelves and drawers. Sort, organize and plan a functional kitchen to meet your needs. Check all food items and spices for expiration dates.  The kitchen is a busy place in every home. Everyone living in the home uses the kitchen, and therefore, we will ask you about your cooking routines, how much baking and cooking you do, etc. Our package prices include clear containers, trays, decorative baskets, bags, cabinet racks, labeling and small donation drop off if needed.

Mostly needs organizing for flow and function.  (Typical 4 hours, 2 organizers.)  Package Price: $500

Good sized kitchen; full cupboards and cabinets with pantry.  (Typical 6 hrs, 2 organizers)  Package Price $780.

Overflowing drawers, cupboards, and cabinets; large walk-in pantry.  (Typical 6 hours, 3 organizers.)  Package Price: $1,100.


We remove everything from the pantry, clear and clean off the shelves. We check all food products and spices for expiration dates, sort, and organize. Prices include all containers, trays, racks, baskets, bags, and labeling.

Slightly Cluttered; needs organizing for functionality: $270.00

Cluttered; over-flowing with items and needs organizing for flow and functionality: $400.00

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