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Home office

Home Office

Home Office

With Clutter Cutter, we sort and organize paperwork and documents, create folders, and filing systems. Our professional organizers will build and/or organize the desk(s), shelves, bookcases, filing cabinets, hang pictures, and art. Rearrange furniture for proper flow and function. Drop off documents that need to be shredded. Prices include containers, racks, folders, labels, bags, cost of shredding and hanging hardware.

Small office with minimal paperwork to sort and file.  (Typical 4-5 hrs, 2 organizers.) Package Price: $440.00

1-2 desks and a good amount of paperwork.  (Typical 6 hrs, 2 organizers.)  Package Price: $660.00

Office floor is covered with paperwork and various items.  Extensive paperwork to sort and file.  (Typical 6-8 hours, 3 organizers.)  $900.00

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