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Exterior of Modern Garage

Garage & Sheds


We remove most of everything out of the garage, dust off shelves and work benches, sweep the floor. Sort, organize and label. If you have purchased shelves, we will assemble them. Prices include bins, containers, bags, and labels. We will arrange donation pick ups or dump runs if needed.

Able to get a car in the garage, but the garage is unorganized.  Typical, 3 hrs, 2 organizers.  Package Price: $330.00

Garage is full of boxes and containers. Items need to be sorted and categorized, then organized.  (Typical, 5-6 hrs, 2 organizers. Package Price: $660.00

Yikes! The entire garage is mounds and piles of stuff.  Extensive sorting and organizing.  (Typical, 6-7 hrs, 3 organizers) Package Price : $900.00


All items are removed from the shed. Floor is swept. Sort and organize. Hang hooks for gardening supplies and the like. Price includes hooks/hook racks, bins, containers, bags, labeling, and scheduling a dump run if needed.

Typical, 1 organizer, 3 hrs.  Package Price: $180

Typical, 3 hrs, 2 organizers.  Package Price: $330.00

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