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Acrilic Paints

Craft, Sewing, & Playrooms

Craft & Sewing Rooms

Our professional organizers will sort through every item, including fabrics, threads, paints, brushes, beads, the list goes on. We rearrange bookcases, craft tables, floor cabinets, and other various containers for best flow and function. Wash and wipe down all surfaces, test for dead pens and brushes. Our prices include all containers, bins, baskets, boxes, bags, hooks, hanging hardware, and labeling.

Organizing for flow and function: $875.00

Organizing for flow and function with lots of clutter: $1,195.00


We sort through every toy; all the Legos are together, game pieces are in the game box, dolls and doll accessories together, cars together, etc. Our professional organizers will organize game closets, bookcases, shelves, and toy boxes. Hang pictures, mirrors, and hooks for certain toys/dress up. The end result of our organized playrooms are fun, colorful, and playful. Prices include containers, bins,boxes,hooks, bags, and labeling.

Messy and unorganized: $450.00

Full playroom, floor is partially hidden, lots of toys: $600.00

Playroom is overflowing with toys, books, clothes, and more: $900.00

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