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What is an Estate Sale?

Estate Sales or Estate Liquidation is defined as a sale or auction to rid a home of substantial amounts of material and personal items. These items include ,but are not limited to, furniture, art, home décor, clothing, jewelry, kitchen items, etc. These items are typically owned by someone who has passed away or who needs to sell a large amount of personal property to facilitate a move. 

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How it Works with Clutter Cutter

we make doing business easy!


Free In home Consultation

Our lead Clutter Cutter team member will meet you at your property to review the process of how this event will work. Walk through the home and list all items that need to be sold.

Before the sale

Once an Estate Sale is determined to be to your advantage, we will schedule a time for our team to come in to prepare for the sale. It includes cleaning, sorting and staging all items for the sale. This process usually takes a day, although, depending on the amount of items, could take 3 days to prepare.

What Happens after

After the Estate Sale, we do have options for the items that did not sale. These options include private sales, donations, consignment, and trash pick up. We will work with you to determine what best fits your needs. 


Value Assessment

Once our team member compiles a list of items, high-end items are then researched to determine the value. At this time, our team member will work with you to determine if an estate sale is to your advantage.

When the sale takes place

The Estate Sale will be held 2 to 4 days. Our trained team members will be there to help the public shop at assigned shopping areas within the home. All items will be inventoried and reviewed as our shoppers exit your home.  


Payment is collected on the last day of the Estate Sale. Here at Clutter Cutter, we want to make doing business with us easy for you. Therefore, we charge an hourly rate only, NO COMMISSION! If you made more in sales than owed for services, we will deduct our bill and give you the remaining profit. Each sale will have a sales slip so you will know what sold and for how much.

Getting the word out!

With Clutter Cutter, we use reputable advertising sources to get the word out for your big sales event. We also post up to eight street signs to traffic announcing and directing to the sales event. However, if you are in an HOA community, we will advertise as a private event. For more information, please call us today! 

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that all items will sell and/or price sold for vs. asking price.  Seller holds Clutter Cutter Harmless from visitor injury, theft, robbery, or breakage.

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