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Robert & Shannon, Reno

"That is a great tip Vicki!  (in response to where things belong)  Thank you so much for sharing!  I love it!  You are doing such a great job!  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are with everything.  Yes, we would love to have you help us teach the girls where everything belongs for future reference."

I have been selling real estate in Northern Nevada for the past 16 years and throughout all those years I never recognized a need for Clutter Cutter services because I did not even know that such a thing existed. Most recently, I acquired a Seller who was in great need of organizing, clearing out and packing services. I recommended Clutter Cutter to my Seller. Vicki went to her home and took great care in discussing with my client how she wanted to handle this daunting task of organizing, trashing out and packing up for her home sale and the big move across country to her new destination.  My Seller and I have been astounded and amazed by the progress made and how easy Vicki made this process. Vicki’s kindness and care in recognizing what my client valued and what she did not, helped my Seller to dive in and get busy, something she had trouble doing on her own due to the magnitude of such a task.


Without the assistance of Clutter Cutter, my Seller would still be overwhelmed and paralyzed by it all.  I would highly recommend Vicki Vail with Clutter Cutter. She approaches every new client with compassion and understanding and her work ethic and diligence is absolutely astounding!  

CynDee Webb, Reno

"My husband and I are seniors and my husband is in a wheelchair. We needed help moving to a senior building. Vicki came and packed us up, helped me sort through all our belongings, and took boxes of things to charity for us. Once we moved into our new apartment, she came and helped me unpack and organize. As seniors, it was just too much for us to handle on our own. She worked fast, was considerate of our way of living and was so helpful! A few months later, my husband had her rearrange his bedroom and dresser drawers for a much more organized system. Vicki is A-1 in my book".

Pearl, Sparks

"Thank you for all your help organizing our kitchen. You did an amazing job cleaning, organizing, and taking wonderful care of our needs. The way you re-organized was thoughtful, clean, and makes a lot of sense. It's made a huge difference for my family and me.  Thank you again for all you help! Ill certainly recommend you to my friends and family".

Shaye, Reno

"Vicki provided an A plus service.  When I moved  I lost approximately 700 sq.  feet which left me with more stuff than I had room for.  Vicki came in like a little dynamo and rearranged my kitchen to the point where I no longer had boxes on the floor and organized my limited cupboard and drawer space.  Also, I couldn't get my car in the garage because of boxes full of stuff.  She did the same thing and I know longer have to park in the drive way.  What a great job she did and I am eternally grateful. " neatness is next to Godliness." and Vicki provider me with some peace of mind from all the clutter.  If you want some sense of saneness call her you will feel better believe me.

Theresa, Sparks

Wow, what an all around satisfying experience. I didn't even know that there actually was a service like this available in Reno. I am so busy with work, errands, obligations to loved ones, and my social relationships; it's hard to find time or energy to really get to go through and organize where I usually spend time relaxing and doing anything but exerting energy.. When I scheduled a time for Vicki to come over I was at work and throughout my day Everytime I thought about what the outcome could possibly be, I would feel excitement and then nervous that maybe she would be overwhelmed with my catastrophe..but before I knew it I received a text saying she was done!! O.M.G!!! When I got home and saw what she had done!! In such a short amount of time, and so thoughro.. it was a feeling like I just got a new car and a hair cut and a new wardrobe all rolled into one!! What an amazing service ❤️ I would recommend this a 1000 times for anyone I know or care about! I can't say enough good things about her, her service and my gratitude!! Ten thumbs up you rock Clutter Cutters!!!

Zach, Sparks

It is wonderful! We finished dealing with laundry and bed last night and it's great! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I'm your biggest fan.

Anonymous, Reno

This is a shout out to Vicky Vail.  She cleaned out my listing on H Street and I can’t say enough nice things about her.  What a work ethic that girl has.  I highly recommend her if you need organizing (she is going to help me with my garage next) or a trash out.  She is awesome.

Pam Molino, Reno


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