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B2B Organizing Services

According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology Energy, well-decorated and laid-out office space increased the energy and subsequently the productivity of staff.  A well-decorated office can make employees feel more positive and motivated, while a poorly-decorated office can have the opposite effect.  Therefore, it is crucial that businesses take the time to carefully consider their office décor to create a positive and productive work environment. 


Psychological studies have found that clutter is a source of stress and anxiety and can contribute to an overall sense of being overwhelmed, falling behind, and losing control.

To achieve a positive and productive work environment, we, at Clutter Cutter, will remove unused and outdated items, also known as clutter.  Create flow and efficiency by organizing all work areas in need.



One free 45-minute consultation.

Prices vary depending on project.

Call Vicki Vail at 775-440-4092 to schedule an appointment. 

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